invoicing software over accounting software

4 Reasons to Choose Invoicing over Accounting Software

With GST here, the need to have a cloud-based invoicing software is more than ever. Right from dealing with estimates to sending payment reminders – there’s a lot that goes along with operating a business in GST era. We at numberz understand how businesses in today’s freelance economy are finding themselves swamped in a sea of information, rumor and requirement. While few owners take the DIY approach, others look for tools to help automate their cash flow and GSTR.

Since businesses take different routes to handle their finances, such as invoicing and accounting platforms – it gets confusing over the time to settle for one that works for you! This article will focus on the need to choose invoicing software over an accounting software.

1. Different Breeds. Different Needs.

While Accounting software lets users document financial transactions, invoicing software allow users to create and send professional looking invoices in an efficient, flexible manner. Unlike accounting software, invoicing platforms have a standard feature set such as automated reminders, recurring invoices, and payment gateway options.

2. Better Features. Fewer Clicks.

Compared to some traditional accounting platforms – you won’t be confused and overwhelmed by the options provided in invoicing software. This is because invoicing platforms are designed to be more manageable since they cater to the needs of budding and small business owners.

3. Value for Money

While cost varies widely among invoicing and accounting software, you will find that invoicing platforms have plans which are more beneficial to your business than equally priced accounting platforms.

4. Proper Customer Data

Accounting software is all about maintaining company figures while invoicing software is more towards customer front. The latter helps you to segment customer data so that end users only get access to what they need, I.e., outstanding balance, etc.

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