What you need to know about numberz this October 2016


We know that with great power comes great responsibility. Which is why, we consider it our responsibility to tell you about the latest features we’ve introduced for a power-packed numberz experience. A highlight of the new features at your disposal:


  1. Multi User Capabilities : Double your efficiency by adding other people so you can manage your money matters simultaneously. Whether it’s your accountant, admin, or staff there’s room for assigning 3 roles to any number of users. Know More

multi-user2. Auto Bank Reconciliation : Bid goodbye to adding your expenses manually. Simply connect your bank account to your numberz dashboard and enjoy instant expense reconciliation with real time updates. Know More

autobank3. Your Invoices.Your  Way. :Enjoy more options to customize your invoices for   your business. Print them on your organisation’s letterhead and add an authorized signatory. Leave your mark on your clients! Know More


4. And Lots More By Yours Request :Money management is easier than ever before with improved features and additions like filtering invoices on their due dates, making partial payments to vendors and more, apart from regular bug fixes.

and-lots-moreImproving your numberz experience is the foremost goal of our brand journey and we hope to keep meeting it successfully. Visit our portal to explore the new features and let us know if you have any suggestions!

Here’s to becoming bigger and better,